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Welcome to the Miru extension development! This documentation will help you quickly understand the methods and considerations for developing extensions for Miru, enabling you to easily add new extension sources to Miru.

This documentation is intended for contributors who want to participate in Miru extension development. You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and familiarity with Miru. The documentation is divided based on the development process, and each section contains the following:

  • Development Environment: Explains how to set up the Miru extension development environment, including cloning the source code and running the service.
  • Development Methods: Describes how to use Miru’s interfaces to implement extension development, including adding new extension sources.
  • Development Examples: Provides code examples and comments for extension development to help you understand it more intuitively.
  • Development Considerations: Offers some considerations and recommendations for extension development to help you avoid common errors and issues.
  • This documentation uses formal language and includes visual aids to facilitate your understanding of Miru’s extension development methods quickly, accurately, and clearly. The documentation follows a linear sequence, so you should read each section in order.